Design is about creating the visual language of your website.  Highlighting your message in a clear and concise way.  Displaying wonderfully on all devices regardless of the device.  Finding what you want without having to jump through hoops.  While this may sound simple it takes careful planning and attention to detail.  Your website should be a reflection of your company as a whole.  

Many of your potential clients and customers will have a first impression of you and your business through your website.  If it is distracting or to hard to navigate, they will search elsewhere.  If it is not mobile friendly, they will not stop searching and resume when they get to their desktop, they will simply go to a competitor's site that will accommodate their device.

Our process

It begins with you!  All businesses are unique. So should their websites.  The design of your website should reflect your unique voice and purpose.  We always begin by having a discussion about what you are passionate about in your business, what separates you from the others.  From there we discuss what features you want your clients to be able to experience.

The proposal

Before you commit to any web designer, you should get a proposal that clearly defines the project scope.  What features your website should have and what capabilities are important to you.  Some may want the ability to upload new articles on their own while others may not find this to be an issue.  A proposal should also have a timeline that clearly defines what deliverables you will be receiving.  Our proposal is rather inclusive and varies on the size of the project.


In a modern web experience performance and design need to be constant companions.  Regardless of how beautiful your website may be, if takes too long to load no one will have the patience to see it.  A slow sluggish website can seem like a chore to use and navigate.