SEO is about where you are going

What is SEO?

This has to be one of the most commonly asked questions.  SEO stands for search engine optimization. Traditionally, SEO was primarily focused on your onsite factors, the aspects of your website that you could control.  Today the internet is more complex.  SEO is not only about your onsite factors, but offsite as well. The ultimate goal of SEO is for your clients and potential clients to find you before they find your competition.

Our approach

Most search engine companies think of SEO as strictly ranking a website for a certain keyword.  While this is a very important metric, we believe to be truly successful on the modern web, this is a piece of a much larger puzzle.  Of course if you are a plumber in Atlanta you want your website easily found when someone searches for 'Atlanta plumber'.  Now imagine you are the same plumber, but now when people search for 'Atlanta Plumber' your website shows up along with various videos of you demonstrating quick fixes to simple problems.

Some would argue that you are leaving money on the table.  That this is someone that would have paid you to come out to fix a minor problem.  In reality if someone wants to fix the leaky faucet themselves, they will.  We live in a world where information is just a few clicks away.  When this person has a bigger problem, who do you think they are going to call?  The helpful plumber they recognize in the video, or the plumber they never heard of before.

That's right!  The video did two very important things:

1. Trust.  You gave free expert advice.  Congratulations!  You are well on your way to establishing yourself as the friendly expert plumber.  Remember also that there are going to be some who watch your video and either not have the proper tools, or the time to do it themselves.  Since you freely made available information to a small problem they may be experiencing, they are more likely to trust your estimates on larger projects.

2.  Awareness.  The potential customers now have seen the plumber in videos and on his website.  The more places on the web that people see your message the more aware people are of your message.  This is the reason that companies rent more than one billboard.

While this is a simple example, it demonstrates an important concept.  Today's web experience is multifaceted.  People consume information in many forms on many devices.  You have to go to where your customers are and deliver your message in the form they want to consume.  Every industry has multiple places they should be delivering their message to utilize the full power of the web.

SEO is not just's ROI

Rankings are important, but they are a means to an end.  The entire reason that you are pursuing an SEO strategy is to get a Return on Investment.  Higher rankings will create more exposure.  The more people that see your website the more people are going to visit it.  If however you are spending more on SEO than the income it produces then it may not be worth it.  

Research and Discovery

This the first phase of any successful online marketing plan.  We establish a budget.  Every company is unique and so are their goals.  We do a site audit of your website and look for any errors that have to be fixed or aspects that can be tweaked for better performance.  We also do a competitors analysis.  Once we have identified your competitors we look more in depth at what they are doing to be successful on the web and explore opportunities that they may have missed.

Plan of Attack

With a firm budget and goals in mind we can begin to prioritize what needs to be done and when.  Also we will be tracking everything.  How many visitors have visited your site, how long the average visitor stays on your site, etc.  This data is important, it lets us know what is working and what is not working.  We will be able to tweak our plan of attack based on the data.


Being able to execute the plan is key.  We believe that no matter where we are at in the process you should be aware of what work is being done and when.  We do this by sharing a Trello board.  If you have not heard of Trello, you should give it a try.  Think of it as a to do list that you can access from anywhere.  You will be able to see where we are at currently working on and what we will be doing next.  In addition you will receive monthly reports of where your website is ranking.