Keeping it on the road

After Care Program

For our clients that require a 'no worries' frame of mind we offer the after care program.  We have developed a special hosting platform built on Amazon S3 servers.  Sites are served from our File Server and automatically optimized. Optimizations include GZIP, serving assets from a CDN and minification.  While this may sound technical, it means your website is going to be fast.... Really fast!

Pure Speed

All of our websites are built with speed in mind.  There is nothing more frustrating than trying to navigate a slow unresponsive website.  It presents a barrier that should not exist.  Fast loading websites are a thing of beauty.


With the aftercare program we monitor your website 24/7 ensuring that it is up an functional on all devices.  Traditionally, you would host your website with a company, then suddenly one day you check your website to find it is no longer there, or elements no longer match up.  In short it is not the website you had just a few days ago and you don't know why.  You would call your hosting provider or submit a ticket, explain the problem maybe reach out the original designer, either way it seems to take forever to get back what you had just a couple of days ago. 

With our program your website is being monitored.  If for whatever reason it goes down we get to work fixing it.  No endless email or support tickets, no shifting the blame to you.  Because we only offer this service to clients that have websites built by us, we are intimately familiar with your website and the server environment.